WTA Long Term Funding Legislation‏



This week marks the opening week of the State legislature. WTA legislation for long-term funding is currently being considered in both the House and Senate, with hearings scheduled in both chambers next week. SB 6195 and HB 2229 create a process for determining a long term self-sustaining funding mechanism that will of provide a reliable source of funds from the private sector for a credible statewide marketing program. The bill establishes the principle of a private funding plan and directs state agencies to work with the WTA to establish a reliable and effective collection method for the industry funds.


SB 6195 and HB 2229

  • Recognizes the general structure, level of funding and governance organization for a state tourism marketing program
  • Identifies sectors that make up the tourism industry: lodging, food service, attractions and entertainment, retail, and transportation
  • Directs the WTA to report to the legislature by December 1, 2014 concerning the manner in which the amount allocated to each sector will be collected and the mechanism that can be used
  • Directs the appropriate state agencies to work with the WTA to devise a plan to collect funds necessary for a state tourism marketing program and ensure that the funds are used only for that purpose
No State funding is needed to implement this bill. The tourism industry is simply asking legislators to support our steps to becoming a self-assessed marketing entity for the state of Washington.  Click here to read a full copy of the bill.


WTA wants to ensure that our members and stakeholders fully understand this legislation and our efforts to formulate a long term funding plan. During the morning of the Tourism Summit on January 28th there will be a Town Hall session to answer these and any other questions related to the legislation, our long term funding plan and future WTA efforts. This is your chance to have your questions addressed. Please email your questions by January 22nd to sarah@watourismalliance.com so that we can prepare responses for the Town Hall session.  These questions and answers, along with those we receive at the Summit, will then be posted on the WTA website.


Also, watch for further information from the WTA with a House and Senate hearing schedule and a full list of the bill sponsors.