WTA Legislation Call to Action

Dear WTA Members and Stakeholders,

Monday, January 11th, marked the beginning of the 60-day legislative session. It is scheduled to end on Thursday, March 10th. Already the WTA is in Olympia working to secure passage of our Statewide Tourism Marketing Act.

When the 2015 legislative session ended, the legislation, ESSB 5916, had passed out of two Senate committees and was waiting for consideration by the Senate Rules Committee. The good news is that under Senate rules, the bill remains there. Its next step is to be considered by the entire Senate. This is where we need your help!

Because this is a short session and we need to get the legislation moving, we are focusing on the Senate. We need you to contact the senators who represent your area as soon as possible. Do you need to know who your senators are? Click here for their names and email addresses. You may want to include some of the information found on the WTA website noted below.

Are you willing to be part of our efforts? Here are two most immediate ways you can let your senators know of your support:

1. If you are going to meet with your senators in Olympia as part of a business or trade association trip, let them know of your support for the WTA legislation. (We would also like to know when you are coming to Olympia so we can provide you with appropriate information to give to your senators.) Of course, if you are in Olympia I am sure you will be contacting your House members and the same message of support should be delivered to them.

2. Write or email your senators. Let them know that you live in their district or that your business is located there and that you support the legislation.

All of our resource documents about the legislation are on the WTA Website.

Please let us know if you are contacting your senators, either in person or by email, by responding to louise@watourismalliance.com with the following: your name, business and the legislative district of your home or business.

As we move through the legislative session, we will be asking you to undertake the same contact with your House members.

Thank you in advance for your support and your help in securing passage of the WTA legislation which will provide funding for our statewide tourism marketing program. And please let me know if you have any questions or need further information.

Louise Stanton-Masten, IOM
Executive Director
Washington Tourism Alliance
425-478-5350 (m)