What They Are Saying

What they are saying about a statewide tourism marketing program


We are now urging our colleagues to ensure the final state budget contains funding for a new Tourism Marketing Authority….While we fully appreciate the many difficult budgeting choices to be made this year, supporting tourism is a straightforward way to boost state revenues.

Guest Editorial, The Daily News, Longview, WA  Sen. Dean Takko (D-19) and Judy Warnick (R-13)


A statewide tourism marketing program can only be accomplished by a Tourism Marketing Authority that focuses on bringing new visitors to our state.  Localized promotion will remain the job of our creative and unique communities.

11 members – Washington State Senate


If the legislature doesn’t act this year, the most basic tourism functions now provided by the non-profit Washington Tourism Alliance inducing the only statewide tourism website may not be able to continue.  Inaction may also endanger the opportunity to compete on any level with other states for national and international travelers and get them to areas of the state outside Seattle and other urban centers.

24 Members, House Democratic Caucus


The tourism industry will continue to be there to help fund a statewide marketing effort but we need the structure and leadership provided in the legislative proposal to be effective and competitive.

Alaska Airlines


The state is significantly behind in tourism investment.  Tourism promotion in neighboring states like Oregon and Montana vastly exceeds that of Washington.  This bill is a down-payment in the right direction.

The Big Tent Outdoor Recreation Coalition


It is important for the state legislature to pass authorizing legislation as well and provide funding in the state budget for a statewide tourism marketing program. The structure of a Tourism Marketing Authority is necessary to ensure accountability and a return on the state investment. A budget allocation alone won’t provide the guidance as defined by a working group of bipartisan legislators from both the House and Senate who spent several months in the 2016 interim developing the program.

Economic Alliance of Snohomish County and 13 Snohomish County local governments


Tourism is Washington’s 4th largest industry and impacts more than hotels, restaurants and destinations.  It benefits retailers, outdoor recreation, state parks, ports and cities – and ultimately the taxpayers of Washington.  More than $1.8 billion in local and state tax revenues are generated directly from tourism.

Statement of Support – signed by more than 300 tourism advocates statewide


 Dozens of Public Facilities Districts (PFDs) work hard in every region of our state to attract visitors to our publicly-owned trade and convention centers, stadiums, arenas and performing arts centers. These facilities host events that generate millions in visitor spending, contribute to local economic development, and provide jobs and tax revenue. Many of our facilities were built with bonds secured by local lodging taxes. Those funds are not available for use for marketing to bring in visitors from outside our state. We need a statewide tourism marketing program to effectively compete with our neighboring states

Association of Washington State Public Facilities District


The robust benefits that can be realized from tourism growth warrant the support of a new statewide marketing program that can cohesively, collaboratively and effectively increase the reach and awareness of the whole of Washington state as a visitor destination, working to bring benefits and opportunities for business, industries and communities across region.

British-American Business Council