9.20.11 – Executive Director Update

Since our last communication a lot of activity has occurred. As we mentioned in the last newsletter, the first full Board has elected its leadership and created committees that will be focusing on developing many objectives for the Alliance as we move forward. The Board also agreed on upcoming dates for our meetings throughout 2012. You can find those dates at www.watourismalliance.com under the “WTA News” tab. WTA Board meetings are open to all members and we welcome your attendance. Meetings will be held at different locations throughout the state, so look for a meeting near you!As mentioned above, another accomplishment at the last meeting was assigning the chairs for the five major committees: Long Term Funding & Advocacy, Membership, Marketing & Communications, Summit & Events, and Website. Committees are prepared to report back to the Board at the October meeting with their goals and objectives. Look for information on the committee reports in my next newsletter.

The month of September is the month for Road Shows, with a few events following in early October. Last week I presented in Leavenworth, Lake Chelan, Yakima, Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, Waitsburg, Dayton, and Spokane. It was a very full week, but a great opportunity to get around and meet the people who make Washington a destination worth visiting!

My main objective on what I call “round one” is to get out and meet industry stakeholders , get feedback on what has been working , what is missing, what can be done better, and ideas on what we can collectively do moving forward to create a successful, unified, statewide program for this industry. .

Over 250 people attended our roundtable events from all over Central and Eastern Washington. It was a fabulous experience! Not only did I meet great people, but I watched an incredible Victorian fashion show in Waitsburg, ate apples from the Yakima Valley, ran along the lake at Chelan, and bought way too many cases of wine in Walla Walla. I WAS A TOURIST ….AND IT WAS AMAZING!! Thank you to everyone who made these visits possible!

Watch for my tweets and Facebook comments, as I am heading north, west and south in the next few weeks. Thanks for reading!

Suzanne Fletcher
WTA Executive Director