8.09.12 – WTA Board Meeting Minutes


August 9, 2012

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Garvey Schubert Barer

In Attendance         Kevin Clark, David Blandford, George Sharp, Dan Moore, Cara Eagan, John Cedergreen, Cheryl Kilday, Donna Cappa, Diane Schostak, David Bauermeister, John Bookwalter, Jane Kilburn, Andy Olsen, Christina Pivarnik, Skip Thompson

WTA Staff      Suzanne Fletcher, Kathryn Hedrick, Mike Moe, Monica Hinckley

Guests                     Rep. Jay Inslee, Chris Murphy

I. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 1:08 pm

II. Review questions for Candidate Inslee

Questions were assigned to board members and it was noted the same questions must be asked of Mr. McKenna when he joins our board during the September board meeting.

III. Minutes Reviewed and Approved

M/S/ for minutes to contain decisions made and actionable items. M/S/C that the July minutes be revised minutes based upon the previous motion.

IV. Finance Committee Report

Month of June’s financial statements were presented, with a note to have printed copies of financials available at every meeting.

  • We are under budget (both income and expense)
  • Going forward we are using the revised 2012 budget that was presented at the July 2012 board meeting.
  • Currently have a monthly burn rate of $35-45K, much due to the website
  • M/S/C to approve the June financial statements.

V. Executive Director Report

a. Fundraising

  • Appointments have been set with Puget Sound Energy, Bravo, Wells Fargo, and Holland America
  • Request has been sent to all WTA members for their vendor information to help with fund-raising
  • The marketing committee is working on enhancing the marketing packets

b. Sales and New Membership:

  • The activity report was given on sales calls and appointments.
  • New sector strategy was reviewed and we are now focusing on Chambers and cities. It’s been a down month for new memberships
  • New paid members were announced, with a note to post the list on Facebook weekly

c. Renewals

  • March: 75% return, April: 45%, May: 30%, June: 5%
  • The bulk of the renewals are in the spring because that’s when the first Summit was held
  • The first renewal notice goes out in e-mail, the second notice goes in USPS. Both are accompanied with an explanatory letter
  • Some board members are in the process of checking in with members.  A discussion ensued on whether or not this should continue to be a board member task or a membership committee task.
    • It was decided that the initial call be made by someone on the membership committee, if there is a strategic issue, it will be handed up to a board member. This will be taken back to the committee for a revised plan.

d. Operations

  • A revised schedule has been established for distribution of meeting minutes and for supporting materials for meetings to be distributed. Minutes will get to the Board Secretary for review on the Monday following the meetings, and then sent to participants the following week, together with financials and a list of action items (Agendas and supporting materials will be sent out on the Tuesday prior to the Thursday meetings.)
  • It was noted that the materials for the power point packet that is used for the WTA presentation is excellent and all board members should take advantage of this information to be well informed.

VI. Committee Highlights (Committee Reports attached)

a. Website Committee

  • Received 8 proposals, and are now focusing on Miles Media, which works with destination marketing in twelve other states. The existing contract with Saga City gives Saga City an exclusive to any digital marketing so we are now in discussion with both parties on how we can better monetize the website.
  • The goal is to have a new site up in January.
  • M/S/C to have the executive committee approve the contract.

b. LTF and Advocacy

  • The regional advocacy meetings have been very productive and well received, with solid attendance
  • The next LTF meeting will have additional representatives from both retail and rental cars. All board members are invited to attend, as the funding model will be developed at the meeting.
  • The draft funding model will be presented and reviewed at the next board meeting

VII. In-Kind policy

The updated WTA In-Kind policy was reviewed and approved. Motion to accept the application form, and the re-write of the policy was seconded and approved.

IX. Future Board Meetings

  • September 13th – meeting will be hosted at SAM, with Rob McKenna arriving at 4:15. The Board meeting will start at 2:00pm. Meeting notice will go out tomorrow.
  • October – TBD
  • November 7th – 9th is the annual Board retreat. Received 9 RFPs and are currently working on side-by-side comparisons. The Executive Committee will review and report back on the decided location at the next board meeting.
  • December – TBD

X. Good Of The Order

NW Meetings and Events awarded the WTA “Best Marketing Program” for 2012: “Proof that you actually can make lemonade out of lemons and while you’re at it whip up lemon meringue pie on the side, the WTA was formed in response to the state shuttering it’s tourism office in the summer of 2011. In just one year’s time, the WTA has opened its call center, begun improvement on its website, begun executing an industry driven cooperative advertising and marketing campaign. Tourism provides nearly 150,000 jobs in WA so kudos to the WTA and its members for stepping up to the challenge.”

Meeting adjourned at 4:53pm.