6.14.12 – WTA Board Meeting Minutes


June 14, 2012

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Yakima Convention Center

In attendance David Bauermeister, Jane Kilburn, Kevin Clark, George Sharp, Darrell Bryan, Kim Bennett, Dan Moore, John Cooper, Donna Cappa, Diane Schostak, Monique Trudnowski, Andy Olsen, John Bookwalter

Staff   Suzanne Fletcher, Mike Moe, Monica Hinckley

Absent   Karen Stebbins, Christina Pivarnik, Cara Egan, Jennifer Leavitt, Cheryl Kilday, John Cedergreen, Brett Wilkerson, George Schweitzer

Guest Bridget Christensen, Win With Washington

I.                    CALL TO ORDER

Meeting was called to order 9:10 am by Kevin Clark

II.                  THANK YOU

Kevin thanked John Cooper for the lovely reception last evening and for making arrangements for today’s meeting in Yakima.

III.                PROLOGUE

Kevin outlined main goals for today’s board meeting:  Address our critical funding needs to keep the organization vital until we get the Long Term Funding plan into place; and to fully discuss how the Long Term Funding plan works and how to sell it

IV.                NEW MEETING FORMAT

Our meetings have been taking too much time and we have not focused on critical areas, so Kevin and Suzanne outlined a new approach:

  • We will send committee reports out to the board in advance of the meetings but will not discuss them in depth in the meetings unless there is an issue the board needs to address.  Board meetings will focus on critical issues such as Long Term Funding, fund-raising and membership.
  • We need to ensure the board members continue with a clear, consistent message, especially regarding WTA”s current and Long-Term missions.

V.                  MINUTES

Andy moved to approve the May minutes with amendment to page 6 (strike 8th bullet under item VI). John C. seconded, and motion passed.


Cheryl, John, Dan, Jane and Suzanne are meeting at 11:00 June 15 to discuss next steps

  • Some board seats are up (terms end in December) but not all because they are staggered from 1 to 3 years
  • We are taking suggestions from the board for new board members
  • We are using the same form which requests a resume, has a questionnaire as to why a candidate wants to join
  • We’d like to have new board member on board and through the orientation prior to the retreat in November
  • There was a discussion about DMOs and their role on the board assigned as regional reps.  This was referred to the nominating committee for further discussion
  • Prior Applicants/Renewals
    • If they are extending or renewing they do not need to re-submit documents
    • Prior applicants have to re-apply, but do not have to fill out another application

VII.         BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (Mike Moe) (Copy of slide presentation attached to minutes)

Current State

  • Focused on tourism related businesses and in the Puget Sound area, and would like to have a closer connection with the membership committee.
  • Current Activity
    • Average weekly phone calls:                              67
    • Average weekly appointments:                        7
    • Average monthly sales:                                         10.6
    • Average monthly revenue:                                 $6,500
    • Average sales cycle:                                                40 days
    • Average sale:                                                             $631

Moving Forward

  • Focus on quality over quantity and concentrate on verticals outside of the tourism industry
  • Goal is to bring is $14,000 a month
  • Work more closely with the board and  assign board representatives to each new member, and use board connections for member outreach

July campaign: Level up! Take your membership to a higher level

  • Any current member who brings in a new member will receive a one level membership upgrade
  • New members must sign up at the basic level or higher
  • Will be announced in the June Newsletter
  • Separate mailing outlining the event

Board commentary:

  • There was a board discussion regarding various ideas, including how important it is for board members to follow up and be involved, how membership pitches need to be more tailored to the ‘target’, and how we need to be focusing on aligning our membership push with the Long Term Funding planning.
  • The question of whether or not WTA will continue as a membership organization after the Long Term Funding plan is in place was discussed briefly, and tabled for a later discussion.  The discussion will be led by the Long Term Funding committee and their plan for governance, etc.  The point was made that in a membership organization , membership implies benefits, and that it will be important for our members to be advocates down the road.

VIII.        MEETING OF THE MINDS and Membership Task Force—These meetings were valuable and there was agreement to collaborate more. Membership Committee would like to redefine the marketing kit, and wants to be more tactical.

(Minutes attached as part of Board Packet)


  • We had a rough transition with book keepers, so reports have been difficult to produce
  • The Finance Committee asked Suzanne to propose a revised budget to better reflect the year’s actual revenues and expenses.
  • At the July meeting, we will be reviewing the revised 2012 budget, and will see the June number is August
  • The Port of Seattle Commission awarded $50,000 to the WTA for the next two years at their meeting in May. The check was presented to Suzanne by Jane at this board meeting.
  • Kim moved and John C. seconded approval of the financial report.  Motion passed.


Government Representative Consultant

  • We have contracted with Bogard and Johnson beginning June 1, 2012.
  • The team will consist Becky Bogard and Kathryn Hedrick
  • Becky has been serving on the long term funding committee as a volunteer and has been supporting other WTA activities
  • We will be borrowing from the format that WA Film Works used for their outreach during last legislative session


Executive Director Presentation (PowerPoint attached to board minutes)

  • Suzanne made a presentation with a frank discussion of where we are and what her plan is for tacking the future.
  • Key points:
    • We have accomplished a lot in a year as an organization, but the Executive Director needs to redirect her energies to:
      • Fund raising
      • Long Term Funding
      • Monica will be handling day-to-day issues and questions and will be working with committees on their logistics, etc.
      • Suzanne will limit public speaking to appearances that are pre-qualified with high fund-raising or advocacy potential
      • Tools needed:  office space, a speakers bureau, an active board, and more follow through


Andy led the discussion, explaining our proposed funding model. Key points brought out:

  • Clearly we need advocacy in all sectors if this is going to work
  • We should build the model and include tribes, cruise lines, airlines, etc. as voluntary funders (do not imply that they are “left out” of the funding scenario)
  • DMOs can provide contacts in their areas for all categories, so we can start outreach through the DMO organizations, with help from sector leads (appointed reps from the board)
  • Long Term Funding advocacy message points were discussed and will be revised and sent to LTF Committee for approval
  • LTF Overview, Outline, Comments and Primary Talking Points are attached to these Minutes

XIII.                MEETING ADJOURNED at 3:40 PM.