10.6.11 – WTA Board Meeting Minutes

WTA Board Meeting
October 6, 2011
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Tacoma Regional CVB
1119 Pacific Ave Suite 1400
Tacoma, WA

Attending in person: Tammy Blount, Christina Pivarnik, Andy Olsen, Monique Trudnowski, Jane Kilburn,,  Diane Schostak, John Cedergreen, David Bauermeister, and Cheryl Kilday.

Attending by phone: John Bookwalter, Donna Cappa, George Schweitzer, Karen Stebbins, John Cooper, Brett Wilkerson and Duane Wollmmuth.

Absent: Darrell Bryan, Kevin Clark, Dan Moore and Frank Finnernan.

Suzanne Fletcher and Kathryn Hedrick were present as staff.

  1. Call to Order – Tammy Blount called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m.
  2. Approval of Minutes from August 17 – Andy Olsen moved to approve, Monique Trudnowski seconded. Motion was approved unanimously.
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Website Committee – Cheryl reviewed her proposal and budget. She and Suzanne are meeting with the Department of Commerce next week to present the plan. Jane acknowledged and thanked Cheryl and her team for all their work. John Cedergreen moved to adopt the website proposal from Cheryl dated October 3 with the amended budget sent October 6. The motion passed unanimously.
    2. Marketing + Communications Committee – George Sharp, committee member reported for Donna. The committee has reviewed the state brand and understands they will keep it but see how they can grow it in the future once we have secure funding. The committee is also reviewing what events/trade shows are in the future and how WTA might participate in those.
    3. Long Term Funding + Advocacy Committee – The Executive Committee combined the Long Term Funding and Advocacy Committees and appointed Frank Finnernan as chair. Andy reported for Frank that there was an initial meeting on August 30. There is a desire to keep the committee a manageable size. The committee is reviewing different documents. Their next meeting is October 20. There is a desire to make sure there is some standardization of the response when asked about where the money is going to come from..
    4. Membership Committee – Monique reported that the committee has met twice in September. Short term goals of the committee are: defining levels of memberships; identify other groups/potential members; defining the responsibility of board members to represent the sectors/regions they were appointed.


Monique presented the Membership Packet. The group made the following changes to the document:  Cutoff date for founding status is December 31, 2011 and those founding partners will be listed in perpetuity as long as they retain their investment; create level of $1000 and define the deliverables; language to include public/private partnerships; clarify/expand the mission. Monique will incorporate the discussed changes into the document and will bring back any needed bylaw changes.  Diane moved, Christina seconded to adopt the plan as presented with modifications. Motion passed unanimous.


Cheryl Kilday gave feedback on what she has done regarding outreach to her community as a regional represent. The Committee will be putting together a description of responsibilities  for board members and presenting that at a future meeting.


  1. Summit/Events Committee – Christina reviewed the committee notes that outline the summit proposal. The Board agreed one core summit to be held in late March. Christina will move forward and have more details at the next meeting.


  1. Nominating Committee – John Cooper reported that the committee is moving forward with looking for a practitioner who can fill the arts/culture and retail board seats. Board members are encouraged to submit any names to the Nominating Committee.
  2. Retreat details – Suzanne reported that the retreat will take place on November 3 & 4 in Spokane.
  3. Executive Director UpdateSuzanne reported on the following:
    1. Roundtables – Several roundtables have been completed. People appreciate seeing WTA coming to them, but there are still hard feelings out there and a lot of credibility and relationship building to do.
    2. Dean Runyan – Department of Commerce has committed to $5,000; WTA will pay for the statewide report; WSDMO is looking into paying for the local report.
    3. Call Center – Suzanne is working on securing a new call center since DMA is not interested it continuing.
    4. Press Kit – Suzanne reviewed the kit that board members can use when speaking to the local press. It was emphasized that Tammy and Suzanne are the official spokespersons for the WTA and any questions that need additional clarification beyond the basic answers should go to one of those two.
    5. Financial Update – Suzanne presented the financials
  4. Editorial Board update – Jane reported that she and Cheryl have met with the editorial board several times and it’s been a collaborative effort.
  5. Good of the Order
    1. Photos and video files. The Tacoma Regional CVB has these assets.
    2. Diane will be a liaison for WTA and WSDMO when organizing Tourism Day in Olympia.
  6. Adjourn – meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


Minutes approved January 12, 2012