1.12.12 – WTA Board Meeting Minutes

WTA Board Meeting

January 12, 2012

2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Hotel Andra 2000 Fourth Avenue Seattle, WA


Attendees: Tammy Blount, David Bauermeister, Christina Pivarnik, Andy Olsen, Jane Kilburn, Kevin Clark, Dan Moore, Diane Schostak, John Cedergreen, Cheryl Kilday, John Cooper, George Schweitzer, and Donna Cappa attended in person. Suzanne Fletcher and Kathryn Hedrick were present in person as staff. Duane Wollmuth and Brett Wilkerson were present by phone. Brett Miller from Centralia Downtown Association and Miller Marketing and Management and Chris Murphy from Seabrook were present as guests. Darrell Bryan, Karen Stebbins and John Bookwalter were absent.

  1. Call to Order – Tammy Blount called the meeting to order at 2:04pm.


  1. Approval of Minutes from October 6 – Corrections noted:  John Cooper and Brett Wilkerson were on the phone, not in person. Dan Moore was absent, Cheryl Kilday and David Bauermeister was present in person. Cheryl Kilday moved to approve as amended, John Cooper seconded.


  1. Seabrook presentation discussion – The Board noted there is no policy to evaluate proposals such as this from a private company. There were concerns with any exclusivity clause/requirement. Diane noted that we need to keep in mind/identify if we are marketing a specific location or Washington State as a whole and how that relates to the mission of WTA. Many members expressed that if WTA enters into this there will be a lot of different groups that will come to the table expecting the same acceptance. Diane Schostak will take the lead on drafting a policy by the next meeting. Jane moved and Diane seconded to table this issue until we have a draft policy.. Dan, Donna and Diane will develop a policy to bring for the board for consideration.


  1. Committee Reports
    1. Website Committee – We own the website now. There was a launch meeting today with Ascentium. The regional people are in place. We are responsible for the state’s database for photography and they are a major user. SagaCity will have advertising rates soon and may require a special executive committee meeting to approve them.. Business listings currently on site will stay until March, and then will cutover when we take the existing content and replace it with new content in the listings. Acentium is the primary contractor, Be Dynamic are contracted to do the events. Will be switching to Google \Analytics, which is a tracking system on the website – how we measure usage. We have captured all opt-in data from may and will do two more requests via email.


Valeta who works with Visit Spokane is taking the lead on organizing this project for WTA on a volunteer basis. Cheryl emphasized that the Visit Spokane Board supports the WTA efforts and has budgeted to give Cheryl and Valeta travel funds for WTA efforts. The board thanks Cheryl and Visit Spokane for their support.


  1. Marketing + Communications Committee – Tammy thanked Donna Cappa for her efforts to date. Suzanne gave presentation for George Sharp, new chair. Suzanne reviewed the co-op program and read his report.


  1. Long Term Funding + Advocacy Committee – Andy reported the committee is aiming at the date of the summit to have a draft proposal. The group is reaching out to expert guests to present to the committee, such as Bill Klein and Caroline Beteta.  Have been looking at commission and assessment models. Next steps are putting together a model which is flexible and broad based, multiple sectors.  Haven’t spent much time focusing on the stakeholder groups, we don’t have much to bring to them right now.  Advocacy and stakeholder participation is premature right now. Tom Norwalk is working on bringing in other state and Seattle TIA  information. The committee is working concurrently on developing the target amount we think we will need in order to have sustainable and effective funding, and on how much we think we can raise through various funding models.
  2. Membership Committee –  Monique reported that the committee is working on 2012 renewal packets;  working on membership deliverables and  working with WRA to secure their support and continue to educate them. Suzanne and Christina will be presenting at the Food Service NW show.  Monique reminded each board member to forward to her three new contacts to become members.
  3. Summit + Events Committee – Christina reported on six potential fundraising events: Wine Auction with Argosy Cruise; Bellingham/San Juan Island event and online auction. Three other events where we are looking for assistance: Vancouver, Spokane and Walla Walla.


SUMMIT: April 5 at the SeaTac Hilton from 8AM – 3PM. $119 room rate at Hilton. The committee suggested the Board approve pre-registration for members $75 after $85; non-members $85 – $95   Roger Dow will be the keynote speaker. Looking into having a video of the day that we can put on the website. George Sharp is coordinating the reception the night before for $20 at either Museum of Flight or Hilton. Press for free. Agenda item suggestions include: long-Term Funding; what has happened in that last year; advocacy as a topic with Roger Rickert (DMAI); Dean Runyan;  Duane Wollmuth suggestion of Steven Osdale (?) on economic impacts; organize specific tourism presentations – brief presentations (e.g. culinary, wine, adventure); launch tourism week.  John Cooper, Christina and Suzanne will draft the agenda and come forward to the next meeting for approval.  We should look at selling tables for display.


  1. Business Plan – The executive committee approved the business plan and recommends the board approve it. . – John moved, Donna seconded to adopt the business plan with amendments to the scorecard including status updates. Motion passed unanimously.  Suzanne will revise as of today and send it out to the board.


  1. 2012 Budget – Christina Pivarnik moved to approve, Diane Schostak seconded. Motion approved unanimously.


  1. Executive Director Update
    1. Smith Travel research– state funding until June and then WTA will then take over
    2. Dean Runyan – preliminary numbers received yesterday; WTA paid for state report; DOC put in $5K, WSDMO picked up the county numbers report.   We are getting other state comparisons.
    3. Call Center – Suzanne introduced Maureen Buley who is heading up our call center. Suzanne thanked Darrell Bryan and Clipper Vacations for their assistance with this entire project.
    4. Competing websites – experiencewa.org; everythingwashington; Washington stay play; no action taken.
    5. PowWow – WTA purchased single booth, no cost to WTA. Thank you to John Cooper for organizing this project
    6. Operations update – looking for sales and administrative. Suzanne is looking for human resources help. Monique offered to help with human resources.
    7. Financial Update – Suzanne reviewed the financial update
    8. Fundraising update – Suzanne reviewed expectations of board members regarding each on supplying four potential sponsor names, with the offer of a personal introduction.


  1. 90 Day Action Plan update – Tammy reviewed the plan. Jane discussed the communications plan (about the organization, not the marketing); Jane moved to create a Communications Committee and have David Blandford chair the committee, Andy Olsen seconded. Motion approved unanimously. Tammy moved the Marketing + Communications committee be renamed Marketing committee, Monique seconded – motion passed unanimously.  Jane will come back to the board with elevator speech and examples plus an updated communications plan, and asked board members to consider case study bullet points that support ‘tourism matters.’.  Cheryl, Andy moved to adopt the regional rep/industry rep descriptions – motion approved unanimously.
  2. Day in Olympia – Kathryn reported that she is working to secure a date in mid to late February that works for WTA, WSDMO, WLA and WRA and will report back soon.
  3. Editorial Board update – Jane reported that all is going well; they have read the copy.
  4. Nominating Committee recommendations – Kevin presented the Nominations Committee recommendations:

Jennifer Leavitt for the Retail position

Cara Egan for the Arts & Culture position

George Sharp for the At-Large position

Kim Bennett for the DMO position

Tammy explained that the retail and arts and culture positions need to be ratified. Other two are elected to fill unexpired terms and the board has authorization to elect them without member ratification. Christina moved Jane seconded that the Board accept the Nominations Committee recommendations.. Monique raised the concern that no restaurants or private sector individuals have been appointed. Motion to approve new Board members passed with Monique casting a no vote. Discussion of creating another region will be discussed at another time and go before the Executive Committee.


  1. Executive Committee recommendations – the Executive committee recommends that Kevin Clark become Chair and Cheryl Kilday become Vice Chair. Andy moved, John Cooper seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
  2. Good of the Order – John Cooper presented Tammy Blount with gifts and thanked her for her time at WTA. On behalf of the Executive Committee, Jane Kilburn expressed gratitude to Tammy and shared a resolution, which was adopted by the board and other gifts.
  3. Keep next meeting – on the 9th of February. Set March board meeting March 8 from 2- 5pm.
  4. Adjourn – Kevin Clark adjourned the meeting at 5:35pm.