WTA Legislation Update

WTA legislation, HB 1938 and SB 5916, was heard recently in the House Community Development, Housing, and Tribal Affairs Committee and the Senate Trade and Economic Development Committee.


On February 17th SHB 1938 was passed out of the House committee and referred to the House Finance Committee.  The companion bill, SSB 5916, was passed out of the Senate committee on February 19th and referred to Senate Ways and Means Committee.  At this point they are identical bills.


Under the legislature’s cutoff resolution, this legislation is considered necessary to implement the budget since there are fees that would bring new revenues into the state budget.  Thus it is not subject to further cutoffs and will remain alive to the end of the session.


Click to read a summary of the legislation, for FAQs for Long Term Funding and for tourism impact information. And click here for a link to the bill.

Thanks to our members and tourism stakeholders for your support in joining us at the Tourism Summit early this month, visiting and writing to your legislators, and expressing your support for the legislation.  Watch for further information and legislative alerts from the WTA when there are opportunities for continued outreach with your legislators.