Urgent WTA Legislation Call to Action!

Urgent Legislative Call to Action

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Dear Tourism Supporter:

The state’s supplemental budget for 2015-17 is expected to come out this week and it is a critical time for tourism in our state. Below is a brief update on our tourism bills, as well as an urgent call to action for everyone in the statewide industry so that we can preserve baseline tourism marketing activities in the coming year.

Update on Tourism Bills and Funding in Olympia

While the WTA bills from last session remain eligible for action, like so many other bills in this short session, time has run out for legislative action. The good news is that discussions surrounding the long-term funding of tourism in our state have elevated to a new, more substantive level since January and conversations will continue once the session concludes in mid-March. We’ll keep you posted on these developments.

Urgent Call for industry Action

We are now focusing our efforts on advocating for funding to continue a barebones marketing presence while the industry and the legislature continue negotiations on a legislative proposal. Our request is for $400,000 in the supplemental budget for 2015-17 for these essential functions:


  • Web site and digital marketing
  • Postage for mailing and/or shipping the Washington State Visitors Guide
  • Representation in Brand USA (our nation’s tourism marketing organization)


There are lots of other groups vying for the limited funds available so it is imperative that our voices be heard! That’s why we need you to:

Sign this petition

  • Forward this message to your colleagues and constituents, or use the Constant Contact share button within the petition. Or, you can even just send the petition link in your own message: http://goo.gl/forms/WA89Zr6eT
  • Share the petition link on social media.

Thank you!

It may be a short session, be we can advance tourism forward by working together!