Urgent Call to Action on WTA Legislation – Please support SHB 2229 in the Senate



Last week WTA legislation passed in the House. Today, following a unanimous vote, the bill moved from the Senate Committee on Trade and Economic Development to the Senate Rules Committee where it will be considered for the Senate floor calendar. The last day for the Senate to act on the bill is March 7. Please support SHB 2229 “Concerning long-term funding for a state tourism marketing program” by contacting your senator as soon as possible and explaining the bill’s importance to you and your industry.  .

Below is information on the bill and draft messages with talking points. Please take the time to communicate with your legislators to let them know of your support.

Note that you can use the ‘comment’ links below- just follow the instructions to email comments on the bill to legislators – this is the simplest process. By using this feature your comments will be visible to any legislator who wishes to view it.

Click here to read a full copy of the bill   

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Draft message / talking points for legislators

It’s best to express your support for the legislation in your own words, but below is an example of what you could say:

Dear [Legislator],

I am writing to ask for your support of SHB 2229, which advances self-funding efforts of the tourism industry.

As you know in 2011 the state tourism office closed. To fill the void, the Washington Tourism Alliance (WTA) was formed.

The WTA has made significant progress towards developing its industry-based plan.   SHB 2229 establishes the principle of a private funding plan. It directs state agencies to work with the WTA to establish a reliable and effective collection method for industry funds necessary for a state tourism marketing program and to ensure that the funds are used only for that purpose.

NO FUNDING is needed to implement this bill. The tourism industry is simply asking legislators to support our steps to becoming a self-assessed marketing entity for the state of Washington. We need the state’s support to help us define a collection mechanism that works for the industry.

Thank you for your consideration of this legislation, I hope you will support it.


[Your name]

[City, WA]

[Business you represent]