Tourism Marketing Plan

In July of 2017, the Washington State Legislature allocated funding to the Department of Commerce to work with the Washington Tourism Alliance (WTA) to create a Tourism Marketing plan for Washington State.

The goal of this process was not to create a catchy slogan or new brand, but to develop a research-based document that could be used as a road map for a future entity to market Washington State as a tourism destination.

This marketing plan includes:

  • Research that identifies domestic and international markets that will give a high return on investment
  • Survey results of people likely to travel in the western states in the next couple of years
  • Survey results that identify what is top of mind for people travelling to Washington State
  • Ethnographic survey results
  • Personas of likely visitors and journey maps
  • A Key Differentiation Statement
  • Strategies and Tactics to increase visitation to Washington State
  • Tools to measure return on investment and key performance indicators

To download the full marketing plan document, click here.

To watch to the Tourism Marketing Plan Webinar, click here.