Executive Director Update – 2.10.12

Washington Tourism Alliance Executive Director

Executive Director Update

February 10, 2012

I always want to start out by saying “it’s been a busy few weeks,” but they are all busy and productive weeks at the WTA! There is so much progression in committees, increased press, and public speaking opportunities. The list just goes on and on… But I would be remiss if I didn’t start out every newsletter with one comment… THE VOLUNTEERS… AMAZING DEDICATION AND AMAZING PEOPLE! We can’t thank you enough.

I need to begin by introducing the new face in town! We are very excited to announce that Brianna Mark is joining our team and will be a very familiar voice and face to the WTA. Brianna comes to us with years of DMO and meeting and events experience. She hasn’t had much down time since she started, but I do hope you take a minute and say hello and introduce yourself through email or in person, she can be contacted at bmark@watourismalliance.com . Continue reading “Executive Director Update – 2.10.12”

1.19.12 – Executive Director Update

I know everyone in this country is looking forward to what 2012 can bring. Let’s face it…2011 was a rough year for many, including Washington State tourism. But with every cloud, one is to look for the silver lining, and as we begin 2012….I think we have found it! The WTA has made amazing strides, accomplished so much, and has a bright future….all due to incredible volunteers! You know I love to write these newsletters every few weeks, because I have so much positive news, creative ideas, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears to share. 2012 will be a critical year to our success, but if you take a moment to reflect on what has been accomplished over the last five months, you have to be optimistic! Welcome 2012!!!

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12.29.11 – Executive Director Update

Washington Tourism Alliance Executive Director

It is hard to believe we are winding down 2011 this week. What is more amazing is all that has been accomplished to keep our State in the tourism business. I am so proud of the accomplishments made by our dedicated volunteers! So many obstacles, so many mountains to climb! But amazingly, we are still traversing that mountain and bowling over our obstacles.

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12.20.11 – Executive Director Update

Washington Tourism Alliance Executive Director

It is with mixed feelings that I announce the departure of Tammy Blount as President of the WTA. She will be leaving her position of President + CEO at the Tacoma Regional CVB to take a position with the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau. While this is an exciting opportunity for Tammy, we will miss her leadership and devotion to our organization. Continue reading “12.20.11 – Executive Director Update”

12.7.11 – Executive Director Update

Washington Tourism Alliance Executive Director

We are getting vey close to the end of the year, but things are not slowing down at the WTA. If anything, they are heating up! The Board Retreat expanded our “to do” list, and it has been great checking off some of the assignments. As always, our committees are putting in countless hours to meet their deadlines, and I am excited about being able to report on our considerable progress.

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11.11.11 – Executive Director Update

Washington Tourism Alliance Executive Director

November 1, 2011

Things are moving along at the WTA. The last two weeks have included partner meetings, committee meetings and multiple speaking engagements. But the big news for the WTA this week was receiving approval from the state in regards to our request and proposal to take ownership of the Experience WA website as of January 1, 2012! The web committee worked long and hard learning the ins and outs of the website, and will continue during the transition activities. The committee has designed a regional team approach to manage the content going forward so that all information is fresh and of value to the user. More information will be forthcoming as the timeline and schedule of postings are determined. There are other changes taking place within the website committee and the business plan is available upon request to WTA members.

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Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce a Call for Nominations for a WTA At-Large Board position.

Deadline for nominations is close of business Friday, December 30.

Nominations should be sent electronically to:kathryn@watourismalliance.com with the Subject: Board Nomination. Once the nomination is received the sender will receive an email confirmation notice.

The WTA Nominating Committee will make a recommendation to the full Board on January 12, 2012.

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10.18.11 – Executive Director Update

Washington Tourism Alliance Executive Director

October 18, 2011 – Round Tables Completed

In the last two weeks, three Round Tables were held. Long Beach was a great audience for us. They asked some tough questions about our business plan and how we would represent them as a destination. How did we work with their local Destination Marketing Organization (DMO)? What could they do to help? We took the scenic byway to Long Beach, and it was quite an amazing drive! Have you been down that road? Breathtaking views of the coast!

Last Tuesday I presented in Olympia, the home of our State Legislature. I was thrilled to have some elected officials in the audience, but it was particularly enjoyable having Senator Maralyn Chase. She was particularly interested in tourism and how it relates to economic development and jobs within this state. She sees the value of Tourism not only the investment of money, but the investment in people, aka JOBS! She has reached out to me for follow up information and details explaining just how important tourism is to this state, and plans on using it at an Economic Development Committee Meeting.

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10.3.11 – Executive Director Update

Round Tables Continue
The Round Tables are still taking place throughout the state. September 19th was a very busy day in Spokane. We began with a breakfast compliments of the Red Lion and the Spokane CVB which was attended by local and state officials. Much discussion took place about next steps for the WTA and we reviewed our goals and direction. From there I was privileged to have some time with the Spokane Convention + Visitor Bureau staff. Talk about teamwork! Many of the CVB employees are actively involved in the success of the WTA. They have been rallying the troops in their region by hosting “get together” sessions to talk (and listen) to local businesses and operators on how important it is to speak with one voice, and to support the WTA. Continue reading “10.3.11 – Executive Director Update”