Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce a Call for Nominations for a WTA At-Large Board position.

Deadline for nominations is close of business Friday, December 30.

Nominations should be sent electronically with the Subject: Board Nomination. Once the nomination is received the sender will receive an email confirmation notice.

The WTA Nominating Committee will make a recommendation to the full Board on January 12, 2012.

Nominee Requirements

Each Nominee must represent a business or organization that is a member in good standing with WTA, or be an individual member of WTA.

Each Nominee must complete the application form and include:

  • A letter of intent and/or statements outlining the reasons for the nomination and outlining what he or she can contribute to the organization
  • A current resume

WTA Board Composition – per the WTA Bylaws

The Board shall consist of no fewer than eighteen (18) or more than twenty six (26) members (each, a “Director”).

The Board shall be composed of Directors representative of certain specified geographic regions within Washington State or tourism industry segments.

At least seven (7) Directors shall have their primary business operations located within the following geographic regions (one Director for each region): Northwest, Puget Sound, Olympic Peninsula, Southwest, Central, Northeast and Southeast.  One additional at-large Director may be elected to represent any under-represented region identified by the Board from time to time.

At least eleven (11) Directors shall be representative of the following tourism industry segments (one Director for each segment).  Up to two (2) additional at-large Directors may be elected to represent tourism segments not listed and identified by the Board from time to time.

(i) Arts / Culture                                            


(iii)Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO)

(iv)Economic Development Organizations

(v) Lodging                                                          






(xi) Adventure/Recreation                                               

(xii)At-Large (2)

Thank you for your continued interest in and enthusiasm for the WTA.



Suzanne Fletcher

Executive Director, WTA